Supply Chain Act

The Supply Chain Act imposes significant obligations on companies that source their products and services from emerging and developing countries and sell them globally to comply with social responsibility and environmental standards, and it exposes them to potentially serious liability in the event of violations.

What are the obligations under the Supply Chain Act?

Companies must guarantee that their suppliers follow the Turkish Supply Chain Law at every stage of the supply chain in order to maintain legal, safe, and humanitarian commercial operations. The following is the law:

  • Companies must respect human rights throughout their entire supply chain; - Companies must set up complaint mechanisms and report on their due diligence activities on a regular basis;
  • Companies must analyze human rights risks throughout their supply chain and take preventive actions accordingly;
  • Companies must adhere to environmental due diligence obligations, particularly regarding the prevention of harmful chemical usage in global product manufacturing;
  • Companies must adhere to social due diligence obligations.

What the Supply Chain Act means for you

To prevent supply chain abuses, companies will have to establish risk Companies will need to build risk management systems, do frequent risk evaluations, release a policy statement on their approach, and more to prevent supply chain abuses. When human rights or environmental abuse is discovered in its supply chain, the corporation must take reasonable efforts to "avoid, terminate, or reduce the degree of this infringement."

DripPro is a network of Agricultural parts and product manufacturers based in Türkiye, supplying tens of thousands of domestically created items, and our supply chains have complicated linkages that are interconnected to ensure success.

As a firm, we pledge to adhere to the Supply Chain Act by establishing risk management systems, conducting frequent risk evaluations, and issuing a policy statement on their approach. Whenever a violation of human rights or the environment is discovered in our supply chain, we agree to take reasonable actions to avoid, end, or reduce the severity of the violation.