Core Values

*"Without the passion and talent of our workers, the firm would not be where it is now, and I think we attract the finest." I consider myself fortunate that our family firm has lured the fourth generation, and I like working with my children, who all share my enthusiasm for our sector and brand. My children, Eyüp, Fatih, Emre, Burak, and Furkan, continue to expand their knowledge and abilities via various roles and experiences in the firm.

I think that in order to stand out and attract and maintain our valued clients, we must be modern in every manner, from the technology we utilize to the procedures we employ. By embracing our non-negotiable purpose and core values, we want each member of our team to represent not only the business but also our family. Our brand will serve our devoted clients for centuries to come if we live out our mission and values."

Bünyamin Koçkesen Founder & Honorary Chef



Nothing is more important to us than our consumers.


Enthusiasm for what you do and the clients you serve.


Customers and colleagues should be treated as though they were family.


Improve your abilities, habits, and attitude on a regular basis.


Accept Responsibility. Everyday refers to every day.


Always be ethical and never sacrifice quality.


Now is the time to act quickly.